Galaxy clusters from cosmological hydrodynamical simulations: the intracluster medium

dr. Veronica Biffi

University of Trieste and INAF – OATs

v sredo, 7. decembra 2016, ob 11. uri v predavalnici F4 (Jadranska 19, Ljubljana)

Investigating cluster properties is crucial to validate our understanding of the main physical processes driving the formation and evolution of cosmic structures.

Cosmological hydrodynamical simulations, able to successfully reproduce many of the observed properties of galaxy clusters, allow us to study their intrinsic structure, as well as their formation and evolution. In fact, the highly non-linear processes involved in the evolution of baryons within clusters require complex calculations that can only be undertaken via numerical hydrodynamical simulations. Numerical results ultimately allow us to interpret observational findings from current telescopes as well as to make predictions that we will be able to test with up-coming observational missions (e.g. Athena, eRosita, etc.).

Here, I will present results on the thermo-dynamical and chemical properties of a sample of galaxy clusters from cosmological simulations that treat a large variety of physical processes, including AGN feedback.